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Der Faktor Mensch - Human Factors

Grenzen der menschlichen Wahrnehmung und die richtige Entscheidung

Einer der Hauptgründe für Flugunfälle in der General Aviation ist menschliches Versagen – Die Hintergründe sind komplex, zeigen die menschlichen Schwächen, das nicht erkennen und wahrnehmen von eigenen Grenzen und letztlich mangelndes Wissen über die Zusammenhänge und laufendes Training.

Perception and Situational Awareness: This safety issue is linked to a number of different types of accidents, especially a pilot's awareness of the aircraft's energy state that may lead to a loss of control and also awareness of both the geographical position of the aircraft and its position in relation to other aircraft. Rulemaking task RMT.0677 will enable pilots to have easier access to an IFR rating, which should significantly reduce the risk of unintended flight into clouds and enable private pilots to fly more safely in critical weather. Follow up action SPT.088 involves a safety promotion campaign that promotes instrument flying for GA pilots.

Decision Making an Planning: The decision making and planning process varies between persons. This process feeds directly into the pilot's actions, which then provides the basis for the end result. it is therefore very important that the correct information is available to the pilot when decisions are made so as to facilitate the best possible outcome of any encountered scenario. The safety promotion task SPT.012 promotes the new European provisions on pilot training, while rulemaking taks RMT.0581, related to a loss of control prevention and recovery training, will further help the decision making of pilots.

Zusammengefasst, man benötigt ein gutes Airmanship SO 2018.